The Journey Begins

Why am I doing this?

For sometime now I have been thinking about writing a blog. I can think of a bunch of reasons why not to write a blog.  “I don’t have anything valuable to say.” “Writing something every week is too burdensome.” “I have too many demands on my time.” But the fact remains I keep thinking about it.

“In our world today, what is a student more likely going to need to be able to write: an essay or a blog post?”
― George Couros

Reflection has always been a process in my own learning and now that I am in a doctoral program I am doing a lot of reading and reflection.   George Couros talks about the power of delivering a presentation or writing a blog –  it forces one to think about your own learning.

I have certainly had that experience as I have developed presentations and led professional development.

So I guess that’s why I am doing this. To reflect my own learning while I journey through my doctoral program(and probably to step away from APA writing format on occasion). Also, I wish to provide a platform to share the reflections and perspectives of the educational thought leaders who I have the opportunity to learn from on a regular basis.

I hope you enjoy or get something out what I post in this space. And if you do, that you share it with someone else.  Because sharing our wisdom and knowledge with other educators is the purest form of professional development.

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